Tuesday, 28 October 2008

C1520 STudent with a stutter

In this module all of the students are expected to give a 5 minute mini presentation of themselves to the class as part of the first assignment. I have a student who stutters and does not want to do it, however if he does not then he will not only no get a mark for the asignment, as it has 2 parts both of which must be completed he will not be able to interact with the rest of the class so he will not be fully integrated. I told him to produce a ppt presentation and if he can't speak to point to the slides. I have spoken to the module leader AB to see what to do in the future as there are other presentations and group work to do. It is an interesting problem as the module is about communication as is most of every body's life. He tells me that he has been to several psychologists but they have not been able give him a mechanism toget round presentations.

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