Sunday, 14 October 2007

Adding Video Clips to Blackboard

I noticed that Debs plummer would like to add youtube and google video clips to blackboard. I'd just like to refer all those that are interested in this topic to an online conversation between myself and Ruta which led to Ruta getting a solution within 15 minutes or so of our connection. The conversation occured in a specially setup learning network site called 'web2learning'

This is one of the key things about web 2.0 technology it is not just useful to be used in teaching and learning activities, but it's power is in the ability to connect you to people that can help you and resources that can assist you.

The solution to the Adding Video Clips to Blackboard can be found in our comments on the comments wall (Read from the bottom up). The conversation can be found here

You will need to join the network first. The network is an example of social networking software. If you are interested, please give it a try.

If you have difficulties joining the network contact me directly and i'll advise.

thanks, Steve

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