Thursday, 18 October 2007

Article in"The Independent" - E-Learning

I've not really forgottom about this course, it's just been a bit hectic lately! Now that we're two weeks into the teaching and all that. How y'all doing? Thought I'd let you know about an article in today's Independent newspaper, Education Supplement entitled "Professors - Keep Out" by Harriet Swain. I'll try and be really clever and find a link to it in a minute. It's on page 8 and details some of the perceived socialogical impact of Facebook etc. and explores whether tutors ought to be 'invading' the space that students regard as their own.

had a rummage and found the link -

Let's see if it works? By the way, I floated the idea of setting up a wiki with my criminal law students - first year undergrads. In two classes of about ten each, after the tumbleweed had blown accross the floor, there was a flicker of recognition about the concept and even some enthusiasm. This was quite a surprise, given that they're supposed to know about wikis etc. Anybody else come across this? I'll have to contact my module leader and see whether I can set up a wiki for the tutorial questions. My lot are quite chatty and I think it might work with them.

Good job this thing auto saves - just had a moment and lost what I was typing!! Better go, just remembered I've got some marking to do.

Blog exploring uses of Web 2.0

This blog explores the use of Web 2.0 in various educational contexts.

Monday, 15 October 2007

PGCertHE sessions this week

The context of HE and the student experience..

see also an Announcement on Blackboard in the Learning, Teaching and the Curriculum module which directs you to some comments by Land (2004) and also the slides on statistical information about students at DMU.

Here is also a link to the HEA site which discusses Marton and Saljo's (1976) research on deep and surface learning.

Bearing in mind these sources, give two ways in which you do, or might, promote deep-learning with your students?

What are facilitators/barriers to ensuring this happens?

Write a short blog post on this in preperation for our sessions.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Adding Video Clips to Blackboard

I noticed that Debs plummer would like to add youtube and google video clips to blackboard. I'd just like to refer all those that are interested in this topic to an online conversation between myself and Ruta which led to Ruta getting a solution within 15 minutes or so of our connection. The conversation occured in a specially setup learning network site called 'web2learning'

This is one of the key things about web 2.0 technology it is not just useful to be used in teaching and learning activities, but it's power is in the ability to connect you to people that can help you and resources that can assist you.

The solution to the Adding Video Clips to Blackboard can be found in our comments on the comments wall (Read from the bottom up). The conversation can be found here

You will need to join the network first. The network is an example of social networking software. If you are interested, please give it a try.

If you have difficulties joining the network contact me directly and i'll advise.

thanks, Steve

Friday, 12 October 2007

Britt Watwood's Posts - College 2.0

Book Review of Palloff and Pratt's Building Online Learning Communities. I think this is a sweet review with pertinent analysis and comment. What do you think?

Britt Watwood's Posts - College 2.0

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Hi everyone!

Hi all,
I've finally found a bit of spare time to post this; no mean feat for me, being completely new to the world of blogs, wikkis etc.
I think the possibilites of Web 2.0 are exciting, but wonder about the extent they can support/ enhance the development of practical interpersonal skills within the clinical environment. The relationship between nurse and patient relies upon more than verbal skills and academic interpretation of body language, and occurs within a complex environment with multiple simultaneous social interaction. Could e- learning be a trendy substitute for sound clinical experience, supported as it demands less resources?

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Joys of Web 2.0

I've finally managed to master the art of blogging.

I am fascinated with the doors that Web 2.0 can open for both my teaching and also in my role as programme leader. I have masses of enthusiasm but seriously limited techno-knowledge!!
I am very keen to start employing Web 2.0 on my programme primarily as a tool for alternative teaching and assessment and information sharing in the light of an almost 100% increase in student numbers on the programme over 2 years.

I look forward to working with Steve on his virtual classrooms and others in e-learning to see where I can take Web 2.0 with my programme.