Wednesday, 19 September 2007

First Reflections re: Web 2

Just returned from hols in St Ives and feel ready to reflect abit now....

I was intrigued with idea of Lecturers reaching out to the students via internet sites such as ‘Face Book’ Wikis’, Blackboard and could see the relevance of it as a teaching tool, I think it is a great idea for lecturers to reach their students in ‘the students own comfort zone’.

I shared the mornings Web 2 session later that same day, with 2 of my sons who are presently studying at university. They had both encountered tutorial support from some of their Lecturers through the internet. I noted that they rated the Lecturers who utilised the internet for supporting them, far higher than those that offered no such support, and had found that it helped them with assignment preparation and exam revision.

On reflection I feel motivated to create a ‘Face Book’ account to help support my students and hope to start the process in the near future.

Bye for now - Carol Woodford

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Pam said...

I hope you ahd a good time in St. Ives, Carol.

It's good to hear that you've had conversations with your sons about this..a very useful bit of research, that, in finding out that they appreciated support coming via the net. Let us know how you get on with Facebook.

What an excellent start!