Friday, 28 September 2007

Models and Taxonomies

Next week during PGCertHE sessions we'll firstly be backtracking a little to Planning to Teach and Study.

Remember Biggs' model of Curriculum Alignment? Kolb's cycle and Race's variation? Bloom's Taxonomy (CognitiveDomain) and Anderson's variation?

We suggested that these might be useful starting points to help us conceptualise our practice and to put initial reflection in action (in in what we deliver to our students and how we do it). Have a look at Brown's How Students Learn, pages 12-15

Any brief comments on the usefulness (or otherwise) of models and taxonomies of teaching and learning? For you, or generally.
Brown mentions some other examples of taxonomies (e.g Carter (1985) on Engineering; Otter (1992).
It would be great if anyone could find more on one of these.

Write a brief post in response giving some of your thoughts.

We're also going to be thinking about the nature of knowledge in our disciplines but more on that later...

We'll also be thinking about some of the different approaches to learning as are outlined in this article:

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

First Reflections re: Web 2

Just returned from hols in St Ives and feel ready to reflect abit now....

I was intrigued with idea of Lecturers reaching out to the students via internet sites such as ‘Face Book’ Wikis’, Blackboard and could see the relevance of it as a teaching tool, I think it is a great idea for lecturers to reach their students in ‘the students own comfort zone’.

I shared the mornings Web 2 session later that same day, with 2 of my sons who are presently studying at university. They had both encountered tutorial support from some of their Lecturers through the internet. I noted that they rated the Lecturers who utilised the internet for supporting them, far higher than those that offered no such support, and had found that it helped them with assignment preparation and exam revision.

On reflection I feel motivated to create a ‘Face Book’ account to help support my students and hope to start the process in the near future.

Bye for now - Carol Woodford

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Having a go

I have just signed up for the first time - never used a blog before!

I was also very interested in the Web 2.0 session. I would like to use video clips from google video and utube during lectures and have a couple of downloads for blackboard when I can work out how to put them on!

Looking forward to the start of term too.


Thursday, 13 September 2007

I have taken my first step!

With fearful trembling hands I have signed up and am now about ready to start.

Yesterday when I attended the course on E-learning (is this how Richard prefers it) I was trying to see how it would fit with my limited experience of teaching, by the end I had decided that one thing could look at doing was getting the recorded presentations my students make available on the Bb site so that they could see themselves and hopefully get something from it.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Welcome to new contributors

It was great to meet all of you just starting on the PGCE HE today. Richard and I found it really interesting hearing about the wide range of tools and technologies you’re already using for learning and, of course, for socialising.

We’ll now have a lot of contributors to this Blog!..Do keep going everyone.

When you log into the Blackboard site, you will see that there are two separate wikis – one for each group. We’re looking forward to seeing your action plans and comments
Don’t forget to contact your faculty e-learning co-ordinator – or any of us if you need any help or for a chat about that.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The Machine is Us/ing Us

So what is Web 2.0?

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Web 2.0 and the PGCertHE

Hello everyone.

Some of us are due to meet next week on 11th, 12th and 13th September on Planning to Teach and Study, the three day-block that comprises the first part of the first module on the PGCertHE. Some of you will be attending the three days only as an introduction to some learning and teaching methodologies.

We're interesting in finding out your experiences and perceptions of various types of e-learning, in particular in relation to Web 2.0 technologies (e.g blogs, wikis, podcasts), and particularly, in their potential to help engage learners in HE.

There is a short video here and two more in the June section of the blog.

What do you think? Any reactions to what you see/hear?

Introduce yourself

What are your experiences of/reactions to using Web 2.0
What potential use of these do you envisage for your students
-or not, of course?
What aspects of Web 2.0 would you like to investigate further
for learning and teaching purposes?

We will pick up on some of your thoughts during the three days. Looking forward to meeting you.

This video shows what effect technology can have on education.

Hi also to those of you who have begun to engage with the blog and wiki already.
Have another look at Richard's post from the end of June to remind you where to go next.