Friday, 29 June 2007

Where next with e-learning?


It was really good to meet/catch-up with you all on Wednesday. There are some follow-up bits-and-pieces with which Heather and I would really like you to engage, and I've outlined these below.

1. If you haven't already done so, contact your Faculty e-Learning Co-ordinator for a chat about using Blackboard. A list can be found at:

2. Read our e-Learning Guidelines at:

3. Do some thinking about the work we left you with: what are your e-learning strengths or interests? What tools/areas do you need more help with? What's your action plan? For more on Web 2.0, see:

4. At the moment Blackboard is being upgraded. It will be back on-line on Monday 16 July. At that point we will create a wiki in Blackboard for you to post your actions plans onto. We would appreciate it if you could post your own e-learning plan and comment on someone else's. Heather and I can then look to develop some support and guidance for you as a group.

If you could do this by the end of August that would be helpful - we can then try to get something in-place for next term.

Be good.

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