Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Spoon feeding students???

drjo said...
I was very concerned at the comments about the lecturers having to go find where the students are 'playing' at learning to try to capture their attention.They have to learn to work in the 'real world' and not some made up fantasy land where hours can be passed responding to each others arguments in a totally non-constructive 'learning environment'. The Web definatley has uses as an information source but not for endless 'pseudo-socialising' activitiesThe vocational courses I work with need mature professions with self discipline to adapt themselves to the teaching style of the lecturer not the other way round.
27 June 2007 01:19

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Pam said...

I think the thought of engaging in worlds where students 'play' is an alarming thought for many of us.

I think many people might argue that now that these spaces have become something bigger and that we might be missing out in promoting a variety of relevant learning experiences if you don't engage with them.

Values like maturity and self-discipline will never lose currency, I hope.