Friday, 29 June 2007


I was really sorry to miss the last day of this course. Unfortunately I wasn't well enough to make the journey, but I hope to re-do the third day in September.

I have already been singing the praises of this course to anyone I meet - I came away feeling inspired - especially by Day Two. The e-learning session was really interesting and just what I needed as I am very keen to get my course up on Blackboard and/or use a blog with distance learning students.

I was also very interested in the learning differences session - again, something I've long needed to know is how to access this sort of support for students.

One of the surprises for me was how the course actually reinforced that I do already know quite a bit about learning and teaching styles. I tend to forget that over many years of training and facilitating, I have picked up an awful lot. Being in a room with other lecturers and hearing of their experiences/views etc also made me feel more comfortable. Being new to DMU and a "proper" lecturing post, I had worried that I didn't know enough or have the right qualifications for the job, but now I feel more confident.

What I have learned, though, is that there is more I can do to plan the delivery of my lectures/workshops so that I am really focusing on the needs of the students - and that isn't necessarily all about me wading through reams of teaching material.

I particularly wanted to do the PBL session so if anyone has any feedback on that or can suggest any resources where I can find out more, please let me know.

I hope to be able to continue with the PG Cert in September so hopefully I will be seeing some of you again.

Best wishes for the summer - let's hope it gets a bit drier!


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Pam said...

Thanks for this, Jane. I'm really glad you came away with positive views on your experience of the three days.

Yes, a confidence-inducing aspect of the programme for many is how it reinforces some of the good things they do anyway-and of course, it is invaluable to share and compare with peers.

It would be interesting for others to post any views and perhaps to give some feedback on the PBL session, and any others.

I hope to come back on here soon with more on that.