Thursday, 21 June 2007

Reflections on web 2.0 in learning and teaching

Hi Everyone
I am new to this technology, in fact this is the first blog I have ever made! As a lecturer in social work I can see that there is much potential in using blogs as a learning and teaching tool to augment existing teaching methods. But at the moment a lack of knowledge in both lecturers and students is a significant block as is our traditional views as to how learning should be facilitated in universites. In my brief experience some students expect to be spoon fed knowledge and can be resistant to being given more responsibility for taking a more pro-active approach to learning.
In my particular course it is important that students continue to learn together in each others presence as they learn alot about themselves and from each other. For example good face to face communication skills are fundamental to their professional role. But their learning could be developed further and perhaps deepened by the use of for example web based discussion groups.
Anyway I look forward to finding out more about what web 2.0 has to offer and how this might improve my ability to be a more effective lecturer/ tutor
See you next week


Pam said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for dipping your toe into blogwater, so to speak. Yes, the blocks you mention are very real ones. I hope the programme suggests new ways forward with your spcial work students.


Nathan Rush said...

As a librarian I am always interested in novel ways of using technology to promote access to information. I do get the feeling students don't see such technology in these terms - considering it another entertainment tool. For me the key term is relevance. I know of some university libraries using second life but have had trouble finding a worthwhile context and so it loses its educational value. If such technology is to be useful it has to have context and relevance. The videos seemed to present a utopian view - interesting nonetheless.
Cheers Nathan