Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Our preliminary discussion on Web 2.0

It was good to meet you all today and to hear some of your thoughts on Web 2.0 and some of its defining features: engagement, interaction, sharing, collaboration

We ranged from Second Life..why? to speculating about how virtual interaction and application can actually effectively replace face-to-face.

Good questions arose which we can continue to ponder..how can we use these technologies with our students? And indeed, when should we? We agreed that there was no point, 'just for the sake of it', or to try to impress! As with the choice of any learning method, learners, context, overall aims and desired outcomes have to be considered.

Yet Web 2.0 represents endless possibilities of interaction and collaboration; for the world of work, for example; getting a CV 'out there'; inviting feedback and shared experiences. There are indeed opportunites and threats-it's hard to ignore press coverage of lurking cyber menace -but, as someone said, this is only just the start.

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