Monday, 25 June 2007

Hi everyone!
I'm Barbara Howard and I will be meeting you all tomorrow on the course. I am a Lecturer/ practitioner in Neonatal Nursing and I work between DMU and UHL (University Hospitals Leicester).

I come from a nursing and midwifery background and although I do have an academic degree it was a long time ago; one thing that has been brought home to me since starting my current job is the vastly different experience that undergraduate students have in education today. I am hoping this course will help me to utilise and understand some of these aspects of modern learning and embed them in my neonatal nursing modules.

See you tomorrow!


Pam said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes, it's always interesting to compare and contrast our own educational experiences with those of the people we teach. A good reflective starting point, I think.

jchallinor said...

hi Barbara - I have a NHS background too! It'll be interestign to meet and compare notes!