Thursday, 28 June 2007

Beginning to Reflect

On Day 3 of Planning to Teach and study you were asked to look back and reflect on the 3 days, using some of the following prompts. It would be really good to read some blog posts in response. Such reflection comments will be useful specifically for the Teaching in Practice module and generally, for an approach to what you do on the whole programme.



Think back to your positioning statement and/or your conceptions at the beginning of the module of

• yourself as a teacher,
• the role of the HE lecturer with regard to teaching, assessment and supporting learning
• teaching in your discipline and
• students and how they learn
• your views on using new technologies (e.g Web 2.0)

1. Have your ideas on any of these changed over the 2½ days – if so how?

2. What has caused these changes?

3. How might these conceptual changes impact on your practice?
You might wish to think about

• Designing a session or series of sessions
• How you lecture or facilitate seminars or workshops
• How you support students
• Working with diverse students
• Implementing use of Web 2.0 in your practice

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